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I Blame Pinterest!

19 Jul

my pantry is very organised right now 😉

I don’t know about you but I am my own worst enemy. Over-thinking and procrastination leave me static and stagnant more often than I’d like to admit. Pinterest has become my latest outlet. Under the guise of ‘searching for inspiration’, I have amassed 117 pins across 10 boards in only a week, it is addictive. Quotes are one of my favourite categories to scroll through. I had to laugh at myself as I re-pinned quote after inspirational quote about taking action though. Maybe I should take my own advice.

I don’t know what is more inspirational, the quote or the pretty design 😉

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Lifestyle vs Career

23 Aug

Hibiscus in Hawaii

Where you live! My husband and I personify this debate. I come from Australia and have always been ruled by lifestyle. My husband comes from the US where people often move thousands of miles primarily for job opportunities.

I met Ben in Hawaii when I went on a surfing trip. We fell in love and I thought it would all be good, who couldn’t handle living the aloha lifestyle? When we actually got married however, we decided to start out in Ohio, his home town. Being so in love, I was up for the adventure. Adventure soon turned to culture shock however as I settled in to the mid-west.

Did I mention that I grew up as a competitive surfer? Despite a couple of valiant attempts, Lake Erie just didn’t cut it. After a couple of months we resorted to driving through the night on Friday so we could be at the beach in North Carolina on Saturday morning. Anything to feel the sand between my toes and salt water spray on my face. After 18 months, including an eleven month winter :), we finally made our way back Down Under. The wilted, SAD-affected beach-babe flourished once more.

Fast forward five years, we love our life on the Gold Coast. Everything is perfect but one thing…my husband still doesn’t have a good job. Ironically, we are faced with the same question…lifestyle vs career. The debate rages on.

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What I Like Most About My Job

29 Jun

A double edged sword…the kids. I’m a teacher and sometimes I find myself thinking that it would be so much easier if you didn’t actually have students…at least a couple of days a week. On the other hand, if I was stuck doing paperwork all day and didn’t have the daily interruption of ‘stealth worm’ I would easily forget why I began teaching seventh grade in the first place. This is a game the kids have dutifully decided to play ON me now that they have witnessed my scream-and-fall-out-of-my-chair response when I am scared. At break time one of the kids sneaks into my room, using the army crawl or ‘stealth worm’ manoeuvre, with the aim of scaring me to death or getting as close as possible before I notice. Luckily my nerves have been spared recently as I have come to recognise the line of giggling students along my window as the hint of what is to come. Ha, right back at cha kidlets!

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