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9 Aug

Just thinking about this today at school. Mind over matter.
Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honourable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Keep putting into practice all you learned…Then the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4:8-9. Be with me today Lord and help me choose my attitude.


Mystery Box Challenge

5 Jul

After watching Master Chef recently, some friends and I decided to do a round of “Mystery Box Challenges” during our usual Thursday night dinner party. We sent the designated ‘chef’ out of the room and decided on some interesting ingredients that she needed to use in a main and dessert the next week.

Last Thursday was our first round and it was my friend Rachel’s turn. She had to use chicken, shitake mushrooms, Szechuan peppers and puff pastry. She has always been brave with her cooking, willing to try new recipes and ingredients. On the night she created an Asian chicken broth and a morello cherry custard cream dessert. Yum!  They were both ‘plated’ beautifully and combined unique flavours creatively. At the end of the night, we scored her of the dishes out of ten, with an average score of about 8.

In life, as in this challenge, we get dealt a mystery box of ingredients. I don’t think there are many of us who would choose a number of our circumstances, but there they are, none-the-less, dished up for us on a silver platter. It sometimes feels like we’re floundering trying to even pronounce the ingredients, let alone work out how to use them together in a meal that is palatable.

Every so often, however, it all comes together.  Rachel combined new and exotic flavours to create one delicious meal.  God can do this with your life’s ingredients.

The bible is God’s recipe book for us. It doesn’t give us the answer to an easy life but it gives us an assortment of whisks, spatulas and spoons as tools of the trade to help us do our best with the life we’ve been given. We read about Love: 1 Corinthians 13. Character: Galatians 5. Protection: Ephesians 6. Prayer: Matthew 5.  These are the kitchen utensils we’ve been given to help mix what’s in our bowl.

This Thursday, it’s my turn to be put to the test. My mystery box ingredients include ground beef, squash, eggplant, filo pastry and caramel. I’ve never cooked with some of these ingredients, and I don’t even like eggplant! Gulp…

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